Chania 2016 🇬🇷


The 2nd edition of Cosmo21 took place on 24-27 May 2016 in Chania, Greece. Topics included: Cosmic microwave background: non-Gaussianity, component separation methods; Weak lensing: galaxy shape measurements, projected mass density map reconstruction, three-dimensional mapping of the dark matter, high order statistics, Euclid, LSST; Large-scale structure; High redshift supernovae; Mapping high-z 21-cm radiation; Lyman-alpha forest; Astronomical discovery from overwhelmingly large datasets: BOSS, EUCLID, PAU, LAMOST, LOFAR, SKA, LSST and others; Statistical methods used in astronomical data analysis (including new developments coming from fertile cross-interactions in astrostatistics).
The 2016 prize (an iPad) for best poster was awarded to Thibault Kuntzer (EPFL) for his poster on "Stellar classification from single-band imaging using machine learning".

Keynote Speakers

Shirley Ho (Carnegie Mellon University), Large Scale Structures
Alexie Leauthaud (University of Tokyo), Weak Lensing
David Spergel (Princeton University), Cosmic Microwave Background
Roberto Trotta (Imperial College London), Bayesian Methodology
Pierre Vandergheynst (EPFL University), Data & Graphs

Invited Speakers

Tania Regimbau (Nice Observatory), Gravitational Waves
Alice Pisani (CPPM, Aix-Marseille Univ.), Large Scale Structures, Voids
Benjamin Joachimi (UCL), Large Scale Structures
Valeria Pettorino (Univ of Heidelberg), CMB, modified gravity
Yabebal Fantaye (Univ of Rome), CMB lensing