Attendance Application Deadline: 16/02/2018

*NOTE: All potential participants must submit the attendance application form before final registration.

Attention: The application deadline has passed and it is no longer possible to request a talk and/or poster at ADAIX or Cosmo21. If you are interested in simply attending please fill in the late application form and you will be informed if there are still places available.

Cosmo21 Registration Fees


Early Registration (before 06/04/2018): €100 (Students) / €350 (Everyone Else)

Late Registration (after 06/04/2018): €100 (Students) / €450 (Everyone Else)


* Fees cover attendance to both ADAIX and Cosmo21. Final registration and payment details will only be made available after the application form has been processed.

** Inquiries regarding the application form and abstract submission should be directed to Samuel Farrens.

*** Inquiries regarding final registration and payments should be directed to Iulia Mich and Cristina Mascarell.